Technical Characteristics


Transact in seconds and get confirmed in minutes.

Value Storage

The big block BCH is the real bitcoin, as LCH is the real litecoin.

Low Fees

Send money globally for pennies.


Easy to use, with no trouble.


A payment system that is a proven store of value


The most powerful blockchain technology in the world.

Bitcoin Cash(gold)

Litecoin Cash(sliver)

Litecoin Cash brings sound money to the world, fulfilling the original promise of “Bitcoin is gold, as Litecoin is silver.", and providing low fees and reliable confirmations of the transaction for merchants and the users. It has an extremely bright future with unrestricted growth, universal adoption, permissionless innovation, and decentralized development. A successful example of Bitcoin Cash will also light up the future for Litecoin Cash. All Bitcoin holders as of block #1338540 are also owner of Bitcoin Cash. Welcome to join the Litecoin Cash community to move forward with us in promoting sound money available all over the world.

On Chain Scalability

Litecoin Cash follows Nakamoto's path of global adoption by expanding its on-chain capacity. As a first step, the block size limit has become adjustable and the default size has increased to 8MB. Study that can significantly increase the size of future blocks is under way.

New Transaction Signature

New signature SigHash type defends replay attacks, enhances the security of hardware wallets, and solves the quadratic complex problem of SigHash.

New Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm(DAA)

Responsive Proof-of-Work difficulty adjustment allows miners to move freely from traditional Litecoin to Litecoincash, while guarding against fluctuations in computational power.

Decentralized Development

Several independent development teams providing software implementations ensure a secure future. Litecoin Cash is resistant to development-related political and social attacks. It is not subject to a single organization or project.

Announcement Information

Electronic Wallets



Node Capital

Focus Block Chain

Node Capital is a venture capital company focused on the block chain industry, and it is one of the world's earliest investment organizations specializing in the layout of block chain industry ecology.

Node Capital aims to connect the nodes of block chain industrial ecolog, integrate industry resources, construct industrial ecological circle, and promote the healthy and stable development of block chain industry through the way of project investment and cooperation.

Up to now, Node Capital has invested many projects, covering many node projects in the block chain ecosystem, such as news information, digital asset transaction and storage, technology development and application, etc. Including Huobi, Coldlar, Bocheninc, fengwo, Jinse Finance , Lianshang Technology, Yulian, Qukuai Leida, etc. more than 50 enterprises.

Common Problems

If I had Litecoin, would I also automatically get Litecoin Cash?

Anyone who owned Litecoin when Litecoin Cash was created would also become the owner of Litecoin Cash. This represents that Litecoin holders as of block #1338540(December 25th, 2017) have an equal amount of Litecoin Cash as they had Litecoin at that time. If your Litecoins are stored in a third party (such as an exchange), you must ask them about your Litecoin Cash.


Any transactions that occur after the December 25th lidger split are completely independent. In other words, the Litecoin that you receive after the split will not contain the Litecoin Cash, and the Litecoin Cash will not contain the Litecoin.